Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Congratulations Earthlings! You've survived yet another Valentine's Day. Besides celebrating the birth of beloved American entertainer Rudolph Valentino (and his ironic death on the same date at a gangster shootout in Chicago), it's also a day of investing in relationships via expensive gifts! As usual, you probably blew it with another predictable cliche presentation of flowers and candy, severely disappointing that special someone. And all because you apparently forgot the other reason this day is celebrated by lovers around the globe. That's right, it's also the official release date of RAT RODS from Cartech books! You're saved! Just hit your local bookstore or dial up Amazon.com for a copy of the book that's had the publishing world upsidedown with anticipation for over a year. Controversial subject matter! Shocking visuals! Amazing psychological insights! And enough automotive redecorating ideas to keep your sweetheart happily busy in the shop for months to come! You're welcome. But you owe me, big time.

Here's what to look for:


Sorry, it doesn't come in any other colors or sizes. Because it doesn't have to! RAT RODS is the perfect gift for any loved one (and/or yourself!). No matter their religious, political or sexual orientation, your honey will stay sweet on you forever, once they've feasted their eyes on this orgy of freeform creativity. Did you know "RAT RODS" is French for "I hold you in the highest regard and feel that you deserve only the very best"? You do now! And so will they, when they unwrap the hottest book of the season and realize that they'll now be well informed and prepared for tomorrow's water cooler discussion. You just can't put a price on that. So do yourself (and you-know-who) a favor: Give the gift of true love. RAT RODS (with a Foreword by distinguished author Tim Bernsau), and spend the rest of the year having a good laugh together when you remember how you ALMOST turned Valentine's Day into a massacre - before you redeemed yourself with the most thoughtful gift imaginable. Enjoy.

RAT RODS is made from genuine Persian stringtail free range organically fed rats, serenaded by Austrian sheep herders and bathed daily by hand picked Swedish virgins in Serbian tiger milk at sunset. 

Like all Cartech products, RAT RODS is guaranteed for life to the original purchaser. For details and merchandise return policy, write to: CarTech/SA Design, 39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, Mn 55056 USA

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