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Sorry folks, but I'm off to the annual Gosson Bros. Racing Library stockholder's meeting (AKA Gosson Family Reunion) for a few days. If you're really jonesin' for a hit, dial-up at 9:00 AM Pacific on Sunday, June 8th for a live report from the event!

Our last meeting (which was a while ago) was nearly unmanageable, as dozens of GBRL readers clamored for news of our next product release. Consequently, this year's event is an invitation-only affair. So please don't tell anyone that we're meeting at the pavement's end on Mill Creek Road, outside of The Dalles, Oregon. Thank you.

If you think this image is disturbing, just imagine a hundred more who look just like us and are equally non-photogenic. With any luck, our bail will be paid in time to crank out a post for next week's blog. L - R: Rocky, Mark, and Scotty Gosson.

While you're here, make yourself at home and enjoy these dynamic images of our exciting current and upcoming products. Both of them!

Racing to America is still garnering positive reviews. Just this week, Binder News declared it to be, "Perfect", and no less an authority than Weyerhaeuser International said of the interior stock, "This is the lowest quality American made product available. The Gosson Bros can pride themselves on putting diseased trees out of their misery while saving themselves a bundle, and keeping jobs here at home. Savvy!" Bragging like this is uncomfortable for me, but the stockholders insist I take advantage of product promotion opportunities. I need a shower now.

This product isn't even on the market yet, but over 27% of test audiences have deemed it, "Tolerable"! I have a really good feeling about this one. The tentative release date of "Sometime in 2014" is looking more realistic every month. Stay tuned...

Both of the above products are/will be available through and That's two major corporations behind us already, and more are no doubt imminent.


Just got back from a magazine photoshoot at an exotic locale. Can you guess where I snapped these images?

These were shot on the way there. HINT: It's in the continental United States.

Star of the motel parking lot. The semi-truck exhaust stacks are as loud as they look. He didn't back into that spot - he went wide open over the divider strip, got rubber (on the rocks) with all four tires, and landed there. Excellent showmanship. His room was two doors down from mine. I kept my door locked, curtains closed tight, and the TV turned up.

"Best supporting role in a parking lot". My badass ride delivered 60 MPG on flat freeway with A/C blasting. It fell flat on its face, otherwise. But it got me there and back.

My host treated me to an incredible breakfast at the local airport. Planes and helicopters buzzed in and out as we stored up carbs for a long challenging shoot in brutal heat.

Working like a dog for the man.

Unintended roadside attraction. Still powered by a flathead V-8.

It was a sweaty but rewarding adventure. Nevertheless, it's always great to get back home and wash my socks. I leave again tomorrow. (Scotty shots)


You may have seen our feature on Super Stock racer Bucky Hess in the May issue of Hot Rod Deluxe. Here's an out take from Spike Kilmer's photoshoot on Bucky's '34 street coupe to refresh your memory. (Spike Kilmer photo)

The story makes mention of Bucky's longing to rejoin his peer group on the drag strip. After a mad thrash, he finally got his old SS/HA King Kuda together for a dash that ended in dramatic fashion. It could have been much worse. Bucky is fine and is back in the shop with son Travis, building more street cars. (Photo courtesy of Dragzine, I think)


That's all we have time for, folks. Will see you on the radio, this SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!

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