Monday, March 7, 2011

Assembling a jigsaw puzzle with broken greasy fingers

"... and they never found the body!" What? Oh, Hi guys! Where was I? Oh yeah, my editor pressed the GO! button on his stopwatch and it was time to start writing the station wagon book.

Being the Forrest Gump of hot rodding, I've accrued many contacts around the country, most of whom I call friends. So my station wagon research became an instant social event and before we knew it, we had wagons of every stripe, stacked up like cordwood. Like any Scotty project, this was a grassroots effort, with one lead leading to another and so on. Another grassroots aspect was the lack of a travel or photo budget, meaning most wagons were shot by the owner/builders, lending an even more personal touch to the proceedings. The result was akin to browsing through someone's personal photo album - very intimate. There are plenty of spectacular shots from famous protographers, but they're balanced out by DIYers who really delivered some cool goods. And as stated before, everyone has an amazing story. I'm so honored to be trusted with the stories of these people and their cars. Just more Gumpism...

We organized the stories into chapters:

Chapter 1: When Wagons Were Wagons And Horses Were Tired
(A glimpse at the journey from plankboard to styling statement)
Depot Hacks, stock and otherwise.

Chapter 2: Stock As A Rock
(Just like mom and dad used to drive you to baseball practice. Kinda.)
Self explanatory.

Chapter 3: We'll Be Right Back, After This Commercial
(Were commercial vehicles the first personalized wagons?)
Wagons and sedan deliveries, still on the job, delivering goods for business.

Chapter 4: Beaters!!!
(If ever a car was built to be used, it's the humble station wagon.)
All of my cars fall into this catagory, intentional or not!

Chapter 5: Utilitarian Customization
(And each one open to interpretation.)
Custom wagons, from Ridler winners to scrappy beaters.

Chapter 6: Draggin' Wagons
(With enough rear overhang to really put some weight on the slicks, wagons hook and book!)
Street and strip sprinters.

Chapter 7: More Longroof Motorsports
(Sure, demo derbying is obvious, but road racing wagons?! And more...)
You name it, someone's doing it with a wagon. Lots of surprises here.

Coming soon, a Scotty Gosson Exposed! exclusive: A candid conversation with my eloquent and outspoken editor Scott Parkhust, who's own wagon is one of the wildest in the book. Scott might even answer some of your questions, so be thinking of how to trip him up...

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