Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just in case you didn't know...

Henry Gregor Felsen's entire series of teenage car culture books, written and released in the 1950s, is being updated and re-published by his daughter Holly, in the order they were originally released. So first out of the box is 'Hot Rod', with an eyebrow raising introduction by Holly, complete with never-before-seen photos from the family album, shot by Holly herself, back in the day. She also added fun photos to open each chapter. This series has been out of print for many years, making this big news to those who grew up with these entertaining and insightful books.

I first discovered Felsen's books in my junior high school library and they made a major impact on me that lingers today. This is timeless writing. I finally connected with Henry about a year prior to his passing. He encouraged my writing and inspired me to be a better person - one of the most open and warm people ever. I crossed paths with Holly about a year ago and am honored to call her a friend today. We trade encouragement and info regularly.

Get your copy of Hot Rod at or at  Tell 'em Scotty sent you. Enjoy!


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