Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen Eats Baby in Parking Lot! Shocking Video!!!

Now that I have your attention...
Yesterday, I actually looked at some 'real' blogs. Experts were sharing their gifts and experiences with their 'followers' and whoever else happened by. They had flashy, annoying graphics and large archives of supposedly credible info standing by. I felt fortunate to have lucked into such a treasure trove, even if the subject matter was foreign to me (they all seemed to be discussing Charlie Sheen, who I've never even met). It was pretty depressing. I'm no expert on anything and only have promises of future content to lure people in here. You must be so disappointed...

So I got busy putting together some fun activities for us to enjoy here.
Watch this page for exclusive interviews with some people you've always wondered about. Charlie Sheen couldn't make it, but some of the more intriguing people in hot rodding will be here soon, spilling their guts for you. You'll be able to join in by using the 'comment' button, if you want. The interviewees won't be here 'live', but they will see your comments and questions - and I'll post their responses to you asap.

Meanwhile, feel free to comment on anything here at any time. Ask questions and I'll answer honestly and promptly. Tell me what you think and I'll listen. Remain silent and I'll remain noisey. The comment button is yours to use as you please. Celebrate your power with as many comments as you want - don't be shy. But don't get your feelings hurt if I excercise my control of the 'delete' button...

It isn't my usual style to talk about what I'm GOING to do, but it just seemed appropriate to give you a heads-up on these interviews, so you don't miss the chance to 'virtually interact'. The subject will always be some aspect of hot rodding (and/or automotive journalism), so I hope that's what you came for. If not, there are enough sites out there (with expert takes on Charlie  Sheen) to amuse you. Everyone's been really patient with this deal so far and I sure appreciate that. The payoff is in the works.


  1. Umm...where's the Charlie Sheen video?

  2. Larry: Mr. Sheen's lawyers discussed this issue with us, minutes after the video was posted. Long story short, the video no longer exists and we can't discuss it further. I will say that one of the gentlemen - a Mr. Randall E. Herbstreet, from San Leandro - left a promiscuously dressed pre-pubescent Latino girl in his Lexus coupe, parked in direct sunlight, during our discussion. Out of concern for the child's safety, a call was made to Child Protective Services. Soon after they arrived, representatives from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the Immigration Service showed up. And shortly after that, three trucks from the ASPCA and a Hazmat rig arrived. It was the most excitement we've had here since we moved in. But we can't discuss it, especially in a public forum.