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Yeah, it's the original rap master, Big Willie. A badass with a pen, a snappy dresser, and hero to legions of street racers. We could use more guys like this, but I won't be one of them.  (Image courtesy Mathew McFarren)

Okay, here it is. From birth, I've struggled. For forty-nine years, I knew no better. Then, ten years ago, a doctor diagnosed me with depression, and I began to learn about mental illness, emotional disorders, and other crippling baggage. This awareness took some of the punch out of the disorders, but could not cure me. Maintenance of my condition is all that I can reasonably hope for. Nothing if not obedient, I take my meds religiously, exercise daily, and see my doctors regularly. I actually have a team of advocates working on my behalf, and a small army of true friends that will tell it like it is and will call me on the slightest whiff of bullshit.

In the course of consulting with councilors, physicians and psychologists in recent months, I've been told I have hypothyroidism, severe depression, "mild" memory loss, fatigue, learning disabilities, PTSD, ADD, and OCD. And Unfortunate Fashion Sense. No wonder my whole life has been a struggle. But this is no pity plea - I tell you this only in the name of full disclosure.

Passion for my work carried me as far as it could. Then last fall, I somehow turned 59, and declared myself tired of the struggle. I wasn't bluffing. I'm burnt toast. For the record, I believe some struggle is necessary for growth, and to meet life's challenges. But I can't recommend it as a lifestyle.

The SGE blog has operated on equal helpings of passion and habit (thanks, OCD). It was great fun. But let's face it - this page has been obsolete from day one. It has to be the all-time worst choice for online information, as there's been shamefully more second-hand news featured here than original content. And that original content offered about one percent informative text worth writing or reading. My bottom line: For the last year, this gig has been a struggle. To review, I'm done with struggling.

The original intent of SGE was to promote my work, but I preferred telling other people's stories. Still, I can say I did my best, didn't try to be something I'm not, and had some good honest fun. And now it's done. No regrets. Walking away will be hard(!), but blogging has been kicking my ass. I hope to resurrect it at some point. That depends on my health.

My sincere thanks (and apologies) to all who have risked a click on this venue. Maybe we'll meet again in better times. That's the carrot on my stick now. Despite the above disparagement, there have been moments of enlightenment on this blog, thanks to our crack all-star team of contributors. These unique individuals are the very best at what they do. Too bad I couldn't pay them anything. So in lieu of palpable compensation, a grandiose tip of the SGE welding helmet goes out to:

Southeast Portland, Oregon correspondent (and fellow Street/Strip enthusiast) CC. He's really big on Volkswagens. Now "CC" stands for more than Car Craft or Cole Coonce - it stands for Chris Clark, too. He earned it. (Photo courtesy CC)

Southern California correspondent (and fellow landspeed fan) Kristin Cline. She fed us golden nuggets while tending to her own Grease Girls blog, and working like a dog for the Driving Line website. (Photo courtesy Kristin Cline)
Northern Oregon Tech Editor (and fellow magazine scribe) Marty Strode. Marty's presence lent this blog a credibility that any publication would kill for. (Photo courtesy Marty Strode)

Southwest correspondent (and fellow author) Lori Bentley Law. She allowed us to peek over her shoulder and enjoy imagery like this from her Grease Girls and NBC News adventures. (Photo courtesy Lori Bentley Law)

Northern New Jersey correspondent (and retired magazine illustrator guy) Lance Sorchik. From home garage thrashes to global dashes, Lance fed us the hot scoop and kept us in the loop. (Photo courtesy Jumpstart Graphics) 

Northeast Medford, Oregon Tech Editor (and fellow - no, wait...

Ahem... Northeast Medford, Oregon Tech Editor (and fellow Jim Lindsay fan) Twisty Ron Austin. That's Twisty on the right, obscuring our view of sainted wife Krankypants with his enormous muscle mass. The notoriously secretive fabricator/racer allowed us open access to his shop, his methods, and friendship, time and again. (Scotty shot)

East Medford, Oregon correspondent (and fellow guitarist) Ronnie Mankins. Somehow connected to every drag racer who ever stomped a throttle, Mankins is any journalist's dream-come-true. He is the network. (Scotty shot)

Central Oregon correspondent (and fellow author) Jim Lindsay. Lindsay is everywhere, doing everything, all the time. But he always invited us to join the fun, via photos and hilarious phone calls. (Photo courtesy Holly Martin)

Russia and New Zealand correspondent (and fellow magazine warrior) Maria Panova. Yet another editor's-dream-come-true, Panova lives at the vortex of the storm - twirling wrenches and piloting drag cars, drifters, and go karts - and snapping world class photos all the while. (Photo courtesy Foto Forum)

Long Island, New York Tech Editor (and honorary SGE co-host) Motormouth Ray. What can I say? I mean, just look at this guy. Ray has saved this blog from calamity countless times with quick thinking and fancy footwork. And a finer human never shit between two shoes. Thank you Ray, for being the patron saint of this blog, and the brother I didn't know I had. What a wonderful addition you are to the human race. (Photographers name withheld by request)

Saving the most important for last, I thank you, the SGE Nation (both of you) for gambling on this experiment with us. You got the short end of the stick more than not, but patiently let us fail and find our own way to wherever. That's grace, and you guys wear it well. God bless you, each and every one. (Photographer unknown)



This gem from Calaveras County, California correspondent (and fellow magazine drone) Dave Wallace Junior is too good not to share: Extended-release drag race time capsules from Dave Senior and Terry "Broomfoot" Cook, while toiling at Drag News in '64! Consider it your parting gift.



Below, in its entirety, is the very first SGE post, from March 1st of 2011 (253 POSTS AGO):

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First, my apologies to those expecting full frontal nudity. There are much better sites for that. This one is where I expose some of my inner workings and the stories behind the stories. I'll be sharing things with you here that some people would prefer remain secret. You'll likely be endangered by possessing this information. My last blog was shut down via a joint effort by the CIA and Crane Cams. Several people remain missing, years later. You've been warned.

You may find the content on this blog to be shocking - even sickening, disgusting and outright lame. But it will be honest to the bone. Let's knock down the first facade right now: No, I'm not sitting at poolside in a silk robe, lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills, while sipping champagne served by scantily clad starlets. Nor am I in the office or even cubicle of a corporate mega publisher. The ugly truth is, I'm sitting on an ancient hardwood straightbacked chair in my 10' x 10' room in a seedy boarding house inhabited by nefarious characters, while my beater station wagon sits outside in the mud. I'm wearing flannel, Levis and slippers and sipping cold instant coffee. I'm hunched over an archiac computer that was stolen from a parts counter and hot rodded by the former owner, who gave it to me under condition of anonymity at an undisclosed location under cover of darkness.  I have to slap the side of it repeatedly to get it to turn on.

This serves as your introduction to Scotty Gosson Exposed! Please bear with me, as I stumble my way through the cryptic labyrinth of the blogosphere. Once I get the hang of this, we're all probably in for a pretty fun ride. I'll keep posting blindly until that happens. I promise full disclosure. Other than that - who knows?



The fab four. Their initial appearance on this blog several years back created a frenzy unparalleled in modern culture. I said it then, and I'll say it again: These are my people. Long live the street squirrels!

Proof! William Shakespeare plagiarized everything he wrote from underappreciated squirrel author Roland Barclay Steadman. It wasn't easy for a squirrel to get published in those times, so Shakespeare easily lured the unsuspecting Steadman into the Karamasines & Lippencott offices in Rome, where he worked as a copy editor. Thrilled to have broken through the squirrel barrier, the grateful Steadman granted Shakespeare free access to his entire catalog. Alas, Steadman died unpublished and destitute, after being run over by a wayward chariot at the Coliseum (poorly maintained axle bearings were deemed the culprit). Steadman's death begat safety and inspection guidelines that have since saved countless lives. Shakespeare "forgot" to mention Steadman in his memoirs.

The image that kickstarted the whole toolbox thing. Ironic, huh? Not a toolbox in sight. Never mind. (Photographer unknown)


A blog cannot exist on smartassery alone. It takes a village of advertisers to keep one of these things running. SGE would be remiss in not acknowledging the generous sponsors who have each paid us thousands of dollars to promote their products. So this seems a good time to finally run their ads.