Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Writers work without a live audience. We knock out the story in solitude, send it out into the world on untested legs, wish it luck, and begin the next one. It's very rare to get any feedback after the fact, which I believe is probably for the best, in my case. It's important that I stay in the moment, lest I become dependent upon any virtual applause that comes my way, and transform into some kind of raging drama queen. I've seen it happen to others.

So imagine my reaction when I opened the December flier from our regional aftermarket parts house, touting their holiday season specials, and found this - the validation I've secretly fantasized about since trading my wrench for a pen, years ago.

This changes everything! It's nice to see my books on the shelf at the bookstore, and a row of  magazines with my work in them at the news stand. But a parts catalog - this is where I live! This particular company (Performance Warehouse) has never sold any printed matter before (or advertised it, anyway), to my knowledge. And when they chose to do so, they gave my book top billing, over world famous author Jerry Heasley! Unreal. But wait - there's more...

Today, I received my quarterly  royalty statement from Cartech (my book publisher). They just notified me last week about my Rat Rods book going into its second printing, and today I learn that it only needs to sell another twenty-some copies and my advance will be paid off!

What a warm fuzzy week this has been. I'm humbled and honored. It seems appropriate to celebrate in some  respectful manner, but deep down, that feels a bit boorish, or at least pretentious. So I've decided to underplay it by using my newfound fortune to buy a new pen, some socks, underwear, and 7 gallons of gasoline.

I'm currently in the midst of a triple deadline situation and am on the verge of being overwhelmed. I know I'll make it - I always do. But this time, it'll take all the focus I can possibly conjure up. So that's it for this week's post. If I survive, you'll read about it right here. If not, I hereby bequeath my new pen, socks, underwear, and whatever gas is left to the first SGE follower to post something on here. May the best follower win.