Wednesday, March 30, 2016



Apparently, I'm not the only one impressed by this waterfront property (our local tributary - Bear Creek - runs behind it). In fact, it looks better to me every day.

What a ride. First, a heartfelt thanks to those who have asked after me. I'm fine. Just very tired. Today marks my first day back online since making a hasty exit on the last blog post (where I revealed a thyroid condition that had rendered me unemployable and ultimately homeless). The consequent days have seemed an endless train of Catch-22s that now find me barely across the starting line, weeks after the green flag dropped. As a matter of habit - and as a coping mechanism - I've been documenting the journey thus far with my battery-powered wireless cellphone.

My new daily driver. With no money for insurance or gas, and nowhere to store my car, it made sense to sell it. I had use of a bicycle for a while, but pushed it around more often than I pedaled it (damn Oregon geography), so I gave it back. This 5 year old pair of Keen work boots have been getting me around okay, but they're overdue for a complete overhaul.

The upside to being bootbound is walking as the crow flies to take in the sights I missed while driving. This example reveals the character of the East-side neighborhood I lived in before moving downtown to the SGE compound. I'm hoping to re-establish residency in this area, but no dice yet.

The couch surfing began at James Drive Studio, where host Rob James and I had just finished up the new Scotty Gosson Combo album (brace yourselves for future spam). Under the carpet lays a concrete slab that soaks up frigid temps like an ice flow.

4:00 AM. Too cold to sleep. The cold has been my nemesis as far back as I can remember. Recent research indicates a connection to failed thyroids, which the experts tell me likely happened in early childhood. This is my thanks-for-the-information look.

Now this is more like it. My next stop was at (Scotty Gosson Combo vocalist) Tricia Murphy's sumptuous digs, only a few blocks from the studio. It's heated. You're looking at my new best friend, Roy Orbison (he lets me call him 'Roy'). Great guy. Bonus: He radiates heat while sleeping.

Scotty Nobody, kickin' it with Roy fricking Orbison! I know! But what is it with rockstars and leopard skin? I never got that.

Speaking of decadent rockstar lifestyles... Yeah, that's a Jacuzzi at poolside. 

My host Tricia Murphy (at left) and pal Lisa Allred (right) conjured some last minute vocal stylings at the house, which we tacked onto the new album shortly after this shot. There's a humbling amount of talent in this image. Plenty of character, too.

Some random walking-around-town shots...

I see these abandoned temporary homes every day. I like to think they're signs of hope, like maybe the tenant found some actual housing. With a one percent vacancy rating in this valley, finding an available dwelling is a cut-throat endeavor.

And I see an amazing amount of jettisoned baggage. The other day, I helped a cop round up some women's purses and bags of clothing at roadside. The very next day, I watched two cops count thousands of dollars (at least a dozen stacks of $100 bills) they found on the hood of a car. Surreal. 

It took a couple of weeks of aimless wandering before it finally came to me: I'd sold my car (and my tools), and had money in the bank! So...

Yes! I missed my comforts more than expected. 

Privacy, independence, this place has it all! There's also a shower, color TV, hot and cold air, and a fully stocked vending machine. 

Okay, I experience occasional moments of boredom at the motel, but am not complaining.

Oh yeah, this happened. An advance copy of the new book (on sale April 15th). The stories and photos are cool, but I made some unfortunate choices in the final edit that I now regret. I did my best under the conditions though.

Thanks to the efforts of old pal Richie Rich, I recently enjoyed a visit with an old friend at the motel. As always, my trusty old Fenton inline-6 slapped a grin on my face. I'm still eating peanut butter & jelly and washing my clothes in the sink, but that's living pretty large, considering my condition. And my future is still waiting out there somewhere.


As of 3-30-2016, I may have finally found an apartment (via the Veterans Administration). Fingers crossed. This is a big deal to me. More news when the dust settles.