Monday, April 18, 2016



The gasket sealant that holds hot rodding together: It only took about fifty years, but I finally got to meet Northwest racing legend Dick Simonson (left). Dick was the track photographer at our local straightline venue (Avenue G Drag Strip) from 1955 to 1961. Local racer Ronnie Mankins arranged a surprise visit at the rest home where Dick resides, which was a happy surprise indeed, for all parties. Dick's work appears in Cartech's new Lost Drag Strips II book, but this was his first look at it. Permagrins abounded.

Following our visit, Ronnie drove Dick out to his old place in Sam's Valley for yet another surprise: A heartfelt visit with an old friend. Dick reportedly got pretty revved-up about restoring his old '54 Chevy 3/4 ton. That would take a herculean effort at this point, but anything's possible. Chip Foose: You up for an all-nighter? (Photos courtesy Ronnie Mankins)

There were a lot of photos left over from the final edit of Lost Drag Strips II. Many were orphaned due to unknown photographers, and all were too small to print properly. So we've ground them up into spam, as a treat for our loyal readership. Bon appetite!

Yep, it's time to play America's favorite family game - Name That Drag Strip! Contestants receive a free spin for every correctly identified track! (Photographer unknown)

We tossed you a softball here, to keep your average up. You're welcome.

Bravo! You've advanced to Round Two: Can you name these once-vibrant alternatives to street racing? SGE will pay $100 for each correct answer. Good luck! (Checks will be dispersed following next fiscal year according to Aztec calendar. Aztec calendars available for $37.99 plus shipping [while supplies last] at SGE General Delivery USA. SGE not responsible for calendars ordered during Aztec leap year, which is 2016 through 2020.)

1. (Photo courtesy Tim Young)

2. (Photo courtesy Big Al's Facebook Page)

3. (Photo courtesy Michael Satterfield)

4. (Photo courtesy Kniss Family Archives)

5. (Photographer unknown)

6. (Photo courtesy Bob Bench)

7. (Photo courtesy Doug Waggoner)

8. (Photo courtesy John Foster Jr. collection)

9. (Photographer unknown)

10. (Photo courtesy Dentman on HAMB)

1: Detroit Dragway
2: Big Al's Drag Strip
3: Fontana Drag City
4: Fremont/Baylands Raceway
5: Howland Drag Strip
6: KCTA Drag Strip
7: Lawton Motorsports Park
8: Minnesota Dragways
9: New York National Speedway
10: Niagara Airport Drag Strip

Okay, that should be enough shameless promotion for this week. Thanks for indulging the insatiable CarTech marketing machine. PS: Please support your local bookstore. If they don't have Lost Drag Strips II in stock, teach 'em a lesson: Whine about their incompetent gaffe, then order yours at Bonus: It's Simonson-approved!



As witnessed here last week, SGE Northwest correspondent Marty Strode has been busy flinging sparks on Jim "Little Bastard" Lindsay's landspeed racin' Model T Ford, in preparation for it's dirt debut at El Mirage in May. This week, Strode reveals the finalization of Lindsay's aluminum canopy/secret aero hideout.

 Last week's rollcage enclosure/canopy project deadended with this open tunnel. Can Strode realize Lindsay's vision without killing the aero?

Ya gotta start somewhere.

Beating stuff up is most definitely an art form. If you're an artist like Marty.

A little English wheel message, and the piece begins to develop a personality.

Halfway there. Repeat as necessary. 

Thanks to Marty's trusty TIG welder, the pieces start to come together...

... and Bingo! The tunnel, she's all closed up! Note scoop: Marty knocked it out in record time.

While streamlining like the wind, Strode continued the T's aeroization with a pair of front axle fairings. Again, he starts with a basic concept, this time on his 'poor man's slip roller'.

Ta da!

Initial mock-up shows the concept to be viable, so...

... so there! Pretty swoopy for an archaic Model T. As always, the obvious question remains, "Where's Jim Lindsay during all of this heavy lifting?" (Photos courtesy Marty Strode)

And, as always, the answer remains the same: Lindsay is too busy being served ice cream at the Shedd Cafe to bother with shop chores. Some guys... (Photos courtesy Jim Lindsay)



Detail of my exclusive private-label underwear (I have 20 pair of these [so far], in 20 different colors). The elite undergarments are handmade in the USA by disgruntled textile workers who's jobs were outsourced. The attitude comes through loud, clear, and exquisitely comfortably. Sorry, but my source requests anonymity. 

Straight from the venturi of Long Island New York's storied NHRA Division 1 drag racing vortex, our very own Motormouth Ray handcrafted this likeness of his uber-rare SGE Limited Edition rollaway. Yes, it's made of paper (couldn't afford metal). Power-to-weight ratio rules. (Image courtesy Motormouth Ray)


Dick Simonson and Ronnie Mankins, enjoying a good read. Ronnie savored playing Santa Claus for a day. Why wait for Christmas? He does this stuff all the time. Cars will come and go, but it's the people that really make the wheels go around. (Scotty shot)