Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hi Kids! How you doin'? Hey listen, you kids like to have fun, don'tcha? Of course you do. I mean, who doesn't like to have fun, right? Well, this your lucky day! Come on in. Don't be ascared. All the cool kids hang out here...

Hey, remember when I posted all those thumbnails here a few weeks ago? That post garnered a big reaction from you guys. It felt great to clean them out of my computer, and your response hit the spot, too. When my girlfriend Shellski (The Great and Powerful) saw that post, she gently reminded me that I'd also downloaded some thumbs to her computer, during my visits. Shellski thought we all might enjoy that feel-good state again by cleaning my thumbprints off of her hard drive, while freeing up some much needed memory in the process. Genius!

But first, my apologies for the lack of fresh content on here lately. My life is "in a state of transition" at the moment and I've been unable to access the internet. Yes, posting other people's thumbnails is a chickenshit excuse for "fresh content", but it's all I can do today. I have faith that my situation will stabilize soon. Until then, this is just a way to let you know that I'm still around. I hope you'll check in often, as I'm considering using this blog to experiment with a new phase of my writing that others have been encouraging me to pursue - literally taking it to the next level. Stay tuned for that, once I find a place to plug-in my loyal sidekick Voltar, the incorrigible-but-lovable computer-with-an-attitude.

Now then, where were we? Oh yeah - let's party!!! The thumbnails are on the house! I was apparently in a "funny" mood when I downloaded these...

Yeah, I know - there's more to life than just drag cars. That's why I've included these gems for you.

And I couldn't resist a few more from the Steve Scott collection: Steve, tuning his Hilborns on the beach, working as a Petersen Publishing Co. cub reporter at Joe Mondello's Head Service (you're welcome, Oldsmodudes), and taking a short break from transporting Don Garlits around the March Meet, all with his Uncertain-T.