Tuesday, November 11, 2014



Are you a music fan? Stare at this image for a moment and just try not to hear the song of a smallblock Chevy bending the tach needle as it screams to redline. You can't do it. Neither could I.

Street or strip, foreign or domestic, then or now, I like the feel of a door handle in my hand. I don't care if it closes with a solid thunk or a tinny spang (okay, I prefer the spang), I'll probably always best relate to hot rods based on production vehicles, no matter how fast any given car may be. Sure, you've read my manic blabbings on Comp Coupes, Fuel Altereds and early Diggers here more than once. They inspire me profoundly on every level. But I never even saw a dedicated race car until I was pushing seven years old - whereas, I came home from the maternity ward in a '52 Pontiac - with door handles (I was two days old - too young to count the handles). Such a connection is hard to shake.

With no time for a proper feature story this week (I'm racing the clock to yet another deadline), the least I can do is provide you with some pretty pictures to savor. Pictures of doorslammers, of course - street, strip, foreign, domestic, then, and now. May they inspire any Funny Car owners out there to paint on a pair of door handles and grant your program instant accessibility to the masses.





Please. I'm doing the best I can under the circumstances.

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