Monday, July 11, 2016



Not sure what you want? Perhaps it's time to pause and reflect.

Conflicted on whether or not to continue the blog, a break seemed in order before making any rash decisions. Once I know in my heart what is best for you, the blog, and I, you'll be the first to know. Next Tuesday is my self-assigned deadline to announce that decision. See you then.

In the meantime, below are some items that are crucial to your survival. Pick these up on your next trip to the shopping store.

You can't score any of the below items without this, so put it at the top of your list.

The new Scotty Gosson Combo album is finally out. But impatient fans are scarfing them up in unprecedented number. Get yours while you still can, at:  And keep up with the band at:

The first SGC album is now a rare collectible. We've seen them on eBay for $20 or more. But a couple of fins will net you a sanitary unopened copy at:

You may have seen this on the blog before. It's been garnering rave reviews (that make me blush). Best to check it out for yourself though, at:

Our own Motormouth Ray reads his copy while commuting on the Long Island Expressway. He claims it to be an able cruise control (Ray likes to hang his feet out the window at speed). (Photo courtesy Motormouth Ray)

Scale modeling is just too much fun. Prepare yourself for the coming winter doldrums with this handy guide to tabletop showmanship! Some copies still available at:

Full-scale show rod junkies can eavesdrop on the original builders offering their two cents via this compilation of cool. It has pretty pictures in it, too. Procure your copy at:

Burned out on the whole car show scene? Who isn't? But don't sweat it, Bunkie - we gotcha covered, at:

How you gonna get all of this swag back to your pad? You gotta have a wagon. But it doesn't have to be a dullard. Learn how to convert your staid longroof workhorse into an eyeball-popping, be- bopping, panty-dropping bachelor pad on wheels, at eBay (since this product is now out of print).

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. An entire book, crammed from cover to cover with the stories that the big publishing houses don't want you to read! Yeah. This tribute to Joe Toolbox's passion and ingenuity has been banned in some countries, but is available to your lucky eyeballs at:



Should this blog be put down, will the global squirrel fever die out with it? 

Will toolboxes cease to be feature-worthy?


We have a winner! During a recent search through the SGE archives, I happened across this entry from September 29th of 2014, "Saluting the Michaelson Rocket Riders". It stopped me in my tracks. In my dubious opinion, this piece represents the realization of the SGE tenet. Plus, the Michaelsons are just plain amazing. Locate their story on the archive list at the right edge of your screen.