Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Finally... What took you so long? I've been expecting you for a while now. But I knew you'd find your way here, eventually. Most everyone does. At least, everyone searching the web for credible, honest reporting on  the realities of today's hot rod microcosm. You know, the stuff you can actually relate to. With that in mind, I've prepared a special treat for you. Today, there's more to the blog than just the blog...

First, a brief review of written history. After free-falling into the magazine business in 2002 with both eyes closed tight, I somehow managed to get some stories published in Rod & Custom, then Car Craft magazines. It was Tim Bernsau who left the back door ajar for me at R&C . I darted in and never looked back. Jeff Smith (via Jim Adolph) did the same for me at CC. Some random samples (as always, click on image for larger version):

In 2009, then-editor Rob Kinnan finally gave me a shot at Hot Rod magazine. It's turned out to be a one shot deal so far, but I haven't thrown in the shop towel just yet.

At this point, I was a bona fide corporate prostitute, flailing on the hook of sweaty deadlines for my sporadic pay, and gloriously strung out on every aspect of it.

In 2009, I got a half-baked idea for a book, with no clue of how to go about making it a reality. The only person I knew in the book biz was Steve Hendrickson (via Lance Sorchik), who had recently passed on to the great beyond. But thanks to plenty of old fashioned legwork, doors opened and I soon found Steve's ex-boss Gerry Burger (of Rodder's Digest fame, like Sorchik and Hendrickson), who encouraged me to approach CarTech Inc. CarTech wasn't amused with my book concept, but offered me an opportunity at realizing one of their visions. Scott Parkhurst was their acquisitions editor at the time, and he deftly held my hand through the process of writing my first book. Luckily, the subject matter was near and dear to my heart, and I threw myself into the project - nuts, bolts, and washers. The result:

By the time the 'wagon book hit the shelves, I'd crossed paths with one David Wallace Junior, who miraculously gambled on granting me access to the holy grail of new-millennium speed and chrome story telling: A semi-regular (irregular?) contributor spot at Hot Rod Deluxe magazine.

While still savoring my new seat on the HRD thrill ride (reality be damned!), Cartech Editor Parkhurst threw me a total knuckle ball: A hot potato nobody wanted tossed their way, that could make or break a fledgling career like mine. You guessed it:

Before Parkhurst left for broader horizons, he seduced me with yet another project that could swing one way or the other. Editor Bob Wilson replaced Parkhurst part-way into the process, and we ended up with this attempt at entertaining while refining murky history, coming soon (June) to a bookshelf near you:

During the Show Rods gestation period, pieces began falling into place behind the scenes to self-publish some books I had written, with full knowledge that no established publisher would touch them with a ten foot editor's pencil. These leap-of-faith titles will soon be released under the Gosson Bros. Racing Library banner. You've been warned. First up:

The follow-up is the book I wrote at the end of 2009, after spending that summer hitch hiking cross-country to sample some of America's more obscure drag strips. This is the very book that Cartech Inc. didn't want you to see, now fully baked and soon ready-to-serve:

The third GBRL release will likely be my short-but-sweet love letter to my hometown hero, who hit the big time and was promptly swallowed whole by the very surface that he raced to glory on. The cover art and some other details are yet to be finalized, but it should be worth the wait to finally give this unsung American his due. Hint: He didn't do it alone.

All of this, to introduce the first official Gosson Bros. Racing Library public statement:

                                                         HELP WANTED:
Future publishing tycoon needs help building simple (cheapo) website/store. Hands-on grassroots hot rodders only need apply. Graphic art skills a plus. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for gifted individual eager to enter an exciting and rewarding hot rod publishing business with somewhat promising potential. 
E-mail: scottygosson@basicisp.net

Meanwhile, I'm simultaneously writing the next Cartech book, the fourth Gosson Bros. book, and am working on various Hot Rod Deluxe assignments. I'm still the luckiest guy in town. Life is sweeter than ever. If you buy a Gosson Bros. book, I may die of sugar poisoning, but any business transaction is a calculated risk...

Discerning readers such as drag racing mega-legend Porky the Pirate have already sworn their allegiance to the Gosson Bros. Racing Library brand. Porky's on board. You should be, too - unless you'd rather drown in a sea of predictable banality...