Monday, December 29, 2014



Welcome to the time that purgatory forgot. That vacuous chasm between Christmas and New Years that no one warned you about at Thanksgiving. The only acknowledgement it gets on its innocuous seven spaces of the calendar (if any) is a hasty line drawn through it. Personally, I love that. And I'm so proud of the human race for not naming it, classifying it, or promoting a special sale named for it.

What you do with this anonymous holiday is up to you. Catch up on projects. Sleep off the Christmas hangover while storing up energy to deal with the New Years hangover (the ultimate in multitasking efficiency). Maybe take some welding classes, or at least learn to knit. I'll be working like a dog, down in the bunker. I have threatening deadlines to slay. But I won't just leave you hanging in the breeze. I've hand selected some random out takes from the new Show Rod Model Kits book to share with you during this invisible winter vacation (You'll have to buy the book to see the good stuff:…/…/1613251564). Enjoy. Share with your friends. Get inspired. Get into action. Get ahead. Get gone!

This Todd Schorr painting was my first choice of cover art for the new book. The marketing department voted it down. But hey, they know a whole lot more about marketing than I do. (Image courtesy of Todd Schorr)

My second choice for cover art was a killer Scott Parkhurst shot of Mark Moriarity's model collection. CarTech's marketing department conceived this cover collage based on some Dave Shuten and Luca Roveda photos instead. This is the image to search out at the book store. Just think yellow.

Below are the forbidden images that CarTech Inc. doesn't want you to see! Actually, we just couldn't run them because they were too small, or we couldn't obtain photo releases, or a dozen other stars didn't align. Too bad.



To our knowledge, nothing happened last week. Must be another holiday-related phenomenon. But in the spirit of the season, we'll gladly share everything that we did receive:

Have you seen this part? Sometimes things get so frantic at Dr. Lockjaw's Custom Metal shop, I go slam out of my mind, and things just unravel. In the midst of one such thrash, I lost one of the vent valves for my '40 Chevy pickup shocks. It's identical to this one (only more focused). Black in color, about an inch long, and roughly 3/8" in diameter. Answers to, "There it is...n't!" No tattoos or other identifying marks. An obsessive search continues, but the valve remains at large. If you have seen this valve (or one like it), please contact the SGE offices immediately! Thanks for your prayers. (Scotty shot)

Doctor and Missus Lockjaw (AKA Mr. and Mrs. Ford) keeping warm and dry in the house with all the little Lockjaws on Christmas, while I search for my shock vent out in the cold dark shop. I scratched at the window, but they wouldn't let me in. Their porridge looked ever so tasty. It was steaming! (Photo courtesy of Ford family. The Ford logo is the copyrighted property of Ford Motor Company Licensing Department and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission)

Just when I thought I'd achieved the epitome of gratitude, I received a Christmas visit from my associate CC! He didn't bring any food, but it was nice having someone to talk with. He told me all about his Christmas dinner in great detail. It sounded wonderful! I'm so happy for CC. 

As usual, our visit was all too short. Just as CC was describing his Christmas dessert, the sun came up, he scooped up daughter Celina, and they made tracks back to Portland. I can't stop wondering what they might have had for Christmas dessert. So many possibilities... (Scotty shots)



Hey! 2014 is about to expire! And 2015 is hauling ass right at us! It's later than you think! You better panic!

SPOILER ALERT: You've seen this little Craftsman box before. It's a rerun. But who's is it? Hint: It's a dedicated drag racing tote along. BONUS: Name the tool that resembles an ancient dragster butterfly. NOTE: We're obviously out of toolboxes. Please send yours in ASAP, or we'll have to scrap this popular weekly feature. THANKS. (Photo courtesy of ?????)


Show Rod Model Kit out takes, on the racier side...

Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

And Oh You Ducks!