Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE 2012 CALIFORNIA HOT ROD REUNION Presented by Automobile Club of California

The photos you are about to view are OUT TAKES. “These are not the drones PHOTOS you’re looking for.” The Editor’s Choice photos will appear in the March 2013 issue of Hot Rod Deluxe magazine.

DAY ONE: Slide down On Ramp. Settle Into Dialtone Zone. Raybans.

 Rest Area Oasis. Ahhh….. Squirrel!


Fresno. Room With a View. Downstairs Biker Kegger. Door-to-Door Panhandling Prostitutes. Jangled.

DAY TWO:  Heavy Metal 5:00 AM Trash Pickup. Drive Mas. Rogue Forklift! Survival.


Destination Oasis. Reboot.

 Girlfriendmobile. Gratitude.

 Setup Day. Credential Check. Reunion. “Good to see you! How ya been?” Reboot.



Photo Shoot (Wes!). Test Fire. Premature Swapmeeters.


 Nitro Gypsies. Photo Shoot. This Week’s Hot Trend.


DAY THREE:  Staging Lanes. Starting Line. Shutdown.









 Carjack Kidnap. Banquet Act. Fan Attack.




DAY FOUR:  More Of The Same. Rinse and Repeat.







DAY FIVE:  The Twisted Road to Modesto.


DAY SIX:  Sacramento Tornadoes - Sack o’ Tomatoes. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off. End Zone.