Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Initial Entry Introduction Post Experiment or Here Goes Nothin'!

First, my apologies to those expecting full frontal nudity. There are much better sites for that. This one is where I expose some of my inner workings and the stories behind the stories. I'll be sharing things with you here that some people would prefer remain secret. You'll likely be endangered by possessing this information. My last blog was shut down via a joint effort by the CIA and Crane Cams. Several people remain missing, years later. You've been warned.

You may find the content on this blog to be shocking - even sickening, disgusting and outright lame. But it will be honest to the bone. Let's knock down the first facade right now: No, I'm not sitting at poolside in a silk robe, lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills, while sipping champagne served by scantily clad starlets. Nor am I in the office or even cubicle of a corporate mega publisher. The ugly truth is, I'm sitting on an ancient hardwood straightbacked chair in my 10' x 10' room in a seedy boarding house inhabited by nefarious characters, while my beater station wagon sits outside in the mud. I'm wearing flannel, Levis and slippers and sipping cold instant coffee. I'm hunched over an archiac computer that was stolen from a parts counter and hot rodded by the former owner, who gave it to me under condition of anonymity at an undisclosed location under cover of darkness.  I have to slap the side of it repeatedly to get it to turn on.

This serves as your introduction to Scotty Gosson Exposed! Please bear with me, as I stumble my way through the cryptic labyrinth of the blogosphere. Once I get the hang of this, we're all probably in for a pretty fun ride. I'll keep posting blindly until that happens. I promise full disclosure. Other than that - who knows?

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