Friday, December 16, 2011


This fest is a test. While researching cars online for various writing projects, I often save images I come across that make me grin. I figured that if they have that effect on me, maybe they’ll do the trick for you, too. So, with nothing else to post this week, I’ve decided to share the wealth. I have no information on the photographers behind these photos, so if you know anything, please post it here. I want to give credit where it’s due, as these are all amazing shots, in my opinion. As per online protocol, these are all low res images, so I have no idea how they’ll reproduce here. Let’s find out!

Coming from a street racer background, these photos jumped out at me. In my skewered vision, the only thing as cool as a badass street car doing business is an all out race car testing limits on city streets.

Here’s a couple for the street car purists.

And some images have nothing to do with anything, which I love. Viva irreverence!

Next week: The most astonishing blog ever posted anywhere! If I think of something by then.

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