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Here it is. The cover art that CarTech Inc. is using to promote Lost Drag Strips Too was a surprise to me, but I trust in the company's marketing prowess. is now accepting pre-orders, and states that the book will be available, "April of 2016". I'm guessing it will be out before that, but that date should cover everyone's asses. Better pre-order yours today, just to be safe. (Photo courtesy of

It's been a hectic week in Scottyville. Nothing exotic, just life stuff. But I failed to find the time to assemble a proper blog post. So here's another sample of rejected imagery from Lost Drag Strips II. Today we look at some of the promotional material used for fan bait. On future blogs, I'll be posting some of the complete feature stories that didn't make the cut. So you have that to look forward to. If you can't wait for that, I'll be jabbering about the book on Motormouth Radio ( this Thursday at noon, Eastern time.

Before National Dragster, Wally Parks was editor of the Tie Rod.



Did you know the Scotty Gosson Combo has their own Facebook page? If not, then you missed the announcement of our latest honorary member, Lisa Allred. We were so taken by Lisa's voice and songwriting that we set aside our second album project to do a demo project for her. It worked. Lisa is now in the midst of contract negotiation with Interscope Records. They handle Madonna and No Doubt, among dozens of other platinum artists. Congrats, Lisa! It's been a fun honor. Now we're back on the Scotty Gosson Combo album - which you'd know about if you "Like" our Facebook page. For the record (so to speak), Lisa's no poseur. She uses this bike for road trips, and buzzes around town on a scooter. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Allred)



Yep. Squirrels have to hit the bricks just like the rest of us. (Image courtesy of Motormouth Ray)

Rocky Gosson's itsy bitsy garage seems to be built around the bare necessities: His '33 coupe project, a welder, and a Snap-On rollway. (Photo courtesy of Rocky Gosson)


Couldn't resist tossing this in. But Islip also had a drag strip.


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